Selected lead compounds can then be analyzed in more sophisticated animal disease models to establish in vivo proof-of-principle. Disease models in the areas of cancer, inflammatory diseases and neurology are currently available for efficacy testing and the analysis of biomarkers. If requested, further optimization of dosing, scheduling, and formulation can also be performed.


Cephrim Biosciences’ business model is to provide our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with access to state-of-the-art pharmacological expertise and pre-clinical testing services. Our mission is to deliver high-quality research results that can be used to assess the potential of each drug for clinical success.

We are especially committed to offer our clients a personalized approach to the design of their pharmacological studies, and we work closely with our clients when selecting the optimal animal models and study parameters to ensure that each study delivers the highest value for future decision making. We provide continuous updates for ongoing studies, and take great care to complete studies on time and within the specified budget.


Disease Models

Most of drug candidates have to demonstrate their efficacies in animals before entering human clinical trials. Animal models for human diseases can provide not only how good treatment results of the drug candidates are but also how the body system processes the drug candidates ...
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Pharmacokinetic Profiling

Pharmacokinetics is the quantitative measure of the fate of substances externally administered to a living organism. In preclinical drug discovery pharmacokinetic profiling is essential for the selection and characterization of new lead compounds and is used more specifically to determine the level of drug exposure needed ...
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General Toxicity

General toxicity testing is a critical component of drug discovery and early preclinical drug development. Early evaluation of the safety or general toxicity of a particular molecule or set of compounds provides valuable information about a compound, compound formulation or route of administration.....
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