Why work with us

Outsourcing of specific tasks such as preclinical in vivo studies is a desirable and cost-saving strategy for many established and start-up life science companies and academic institutions. Especially, younger companies often have to focus on internal discovery activities before they can establish their own animal facilities. Working with Cephrim Biosciences allows our clients to meet their critical research milestones within a budget and within a short time frame.

Cephrim Biosciences’ approach is to provide our clients with study support that is far broader than the standardized studies typically offered by traditional contract research organizations. In close collaboration with our clients, we aim to tailor every study according to the particular requirements of each compound or project. This means Cephrim Biosciences conducts study protocols ranging from designs specified entirely by our clients to highly customized designs generated by Cephrim Biosciences in close consultation with our clients and intended for specific applications or projects. In each case, we provide a detailed study plan and timeline, and a detailed report at the conclusion of each study. If requested, our team will be available for an in-depth analysis and discussion of the study results with recommendations.
In summary, it is our goal to provide our clients not only with detailed information about each study but also to offer top-level scientific support similar to a fully integrated in-house pharmacology group.

Cephrim Biosciences offers:

  • Directors and senior staff with extensive experience in preclinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, toxicology, disease models, plus cell biology, target validation, and biomarker selection
  • Flexible study design and scheduling
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Consultation services for customized study designs
  • Continuous status updates for ongoing studies
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Complete confidentiality

Cephrim Biosciences also established close collaborations with external laboratories allowing us to provide additional services such as histopathological evaluation of samples and in vitro ADME testing.

In the near future we will be able to offer further cost-savings for studies that require large-scale or higher throughput approaches. Such studies will be conducted under our supervision with partners outside the US.

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